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June 10, 2020

Pop-Up Gun Museum Boasts Impressive Guest List & Industry Record

By Joel R Kolander

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Three times a year Rock Island Auction Company transforms its Preview Hall into a pop-up museum filled with the history, artistry, and notable names of the objects they offer to collectors. The recently held June Premier Firearms Auction was no exception, sparing no expense to make sure guests were both supremely impressed and safe. Nationwide visitors enjoyed a new hospitality suite anchored by a bar wrapped around an M4 Sherman tank, as well as a complimentary bag complete with mask and sanitizer. The auction was also graced by historic figures throughout the centuries who flocked to the auction house on the Mississippi to tell their stories through their extraordinary collectibles.

The Colt pistols of Pretty Boy Floyd (top) and Al Capone (bottom).

But it wasn’t just the “names” that stepped out to attend RIAC’s first Premier Auction of 2020. The artists were there too.

Two of the high art revolvers embellished by Tiffany & Co.

Even the barons of industry couldn’t be kept from this red-carpet event. Putting away their rivalries for the evening, it was a display of each man’s best.

Smith & Wesson repeating carbine (top) and the Colt Paterson carbine (bottom)

The pop-up museum also saw in attendance Medal of Honor recipients, dangerous game hunters, lawmen, cowboys, maharajas, pilots, and exhibition shooters all rubbing elbows in this outstanding and short-lived event. With such a star-studded celebration, it should come as no surprise that it was the highest grossing event of its kind, reaching $21.1 million dollars in the 3-day span. It would seem there are few better times to sell one’s collectible firearms than the present.

Tremendous thanks go to all our attendees, bidders, consignors, collectors, and supporters who took this special event and showed it a staggering amount of appreciation. Your excitement, loyalty, and love for the hobby shone brightly all weekend long.

One never knows who will show up at these events, but the best way to find out is to attend one yourself.

Herman Ulrich's masterpiece Winchester 1866.

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