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September 14, 2021

[Press Release] Second Largest Firearms Auction Ever Held Brings $24 Million

By Joel R Kolander

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Rock Island Auction’s Chain of Success Continues

ROCK ISLAND, Ill – A firearms auction grossing over $24 million in just three days is the latest in a chain of successes for Rock Island Auction Company. The total makes it the second largest firearms auction ever held. Last May, RIAC set the bar with an unheard of $30 million firearms auction, which broke their own record from the previous December of $22 million. The string of records is business as usual for the Illinois company who has stood atop the industry since 2003. September’s figure is even more impressive because it was accomplished with fewer items, as many as several hundred each day.

While previous RIAC auctions have been headlined by famous figures of history such as Alexander Hamilton, Teddy Roosevelt, or Elvis, the September Premier Auction was instead a happy combination of several expertly-curated and well-known collections, prompting the company to dub the sale, “A Celebration of Legends.” Such groupings offered rare items seldom seen outside of top museums, and potential buyers responded with a marked urgency, causing many items to double and triple their high estimates.

“This auction was really special,” said RIAC President Kevin Hogan. “It carried the collections of so many legends in collecting, but they were also friends of Rock Island Auction. To see collectors this weekend react with such respect and realize the importance of these pieces, makes you aware of the importance in preserving them.”

“We sound like a broken record,” continued Hogan, “but collector firearms continue to appeal to wider audiences and to be an excellent alternative hard asset. Whether you enjoy engineering, history, art, or specifically firearms, collector arms can provide immense pride of ownership at a fraction the cost of other collecting genres. They’re a tremendous value that no one is talking about.”

To date, RIAC is projected to break their own 2020 industry-record $92.9 million in annual sales, and may breech $100 million mark.

About Rock Island Auction Company

Rock Island Auction Company is the world’s #1 auction company for firearms, bladed weapons and militaria. Founded in 1993 by its current CEO Patrick Hogan, RIAC continues to lead the industry with record sales numbers and their extensive and beautiful marketing efforts. Their 150,000 square foot campus consisting of two buildings, hosts around 12 auctions each year. They actively seek consignments, be it a single weapon or a collection of hundreds, a thousand dollar item or one million. For more information, please visit or call 1-800-238-8022.



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