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December 8, 2020

Teddy Roosevelt’s Revolver Brings $1.4 Million

By Joel R Kolander

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ROCK ISLAND, Ill – A firearms auction house in Illinois has sold President Theodore Roosevelt’s Colt revolver for $1.4 million. The sale came on the second day of Rock Island Auction Company’s three day December event dubbed “The Sale of the Century.”  The Colt Single Action Army revolver was ordered as a gift for Roosevelt’s 54th birthday. Factory engraved and silver plated, it was shipped four days before his birthday, just over a week prior to the election of 1912, and ten days prior to his assassination attempt in Milwaukee, WI.

Roosevelt’s Colt was one of several firearms belonging to famous figures from history. Others included Elvis Presley, Annie Oakley, the “Father of Montana” Granville Stuart, Emperor Franz Joseph, General John “Black Jack” Pershing, and Tom Selleck.

Despite the hardships 2020 has brought, it proved to be another record year for RIAC, who again broke their own industry record by reaching $91.7 million in annual sales, with one auction still remaining this year. This was aided by the December auction, now the largest firearms auction ever held, which brought just over $22 million.

“What we’re seeing is the growing realization of the history and investment potential of these objects,” said RIAC President Kevin Hogan. “Year after year these numbers increase and it’s no coincidence. People love holding history in their hands, and have always wanted to possess what is beautiful. Collecting fine arms satisfies both.”

These results are in tune with an American upsurge in firearms ownership during a year filled with civil unrest and election concerns.

About Rock Island Auction Company

Rock Island Auction Company is the world’s #1 auction company for firearms, bladed weapons and militaria. Founded in 1993 by its current CEO Patrick Hogan, RIAC continues to lead the industry with record sales numbers and their extensive and beautiful marketing efforts. Their 150,000 square foot campus consisting of two buildings, hosts around 12 auctions each year. They actively seek consignments, be it a single weapon or a collection of hundreds, a thousand dollar item or one million. For more information, please visit or call 1-800-238-8022.

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