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October 29, 2020

Colt Python Revolvers for Sale

By Mike Burns

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There’s a snake in our auction! Who doesn’t love a Colt snake gun? They are sleek, dependable, and wonderfully well made. Here at Rock Island Auction Company, we take snakes very seriously, and with over 65 Pythons ALONE in the next Premier Auction, we could practically change our name to Rock Island Snake Conservatory.

Pythons are always a fan favorite because they are gorgeous and sure as hell fun to shoot. So here is a list of some truly beautiful and collectible Colt Pythons offered during the December Premier Firearms Auction taking place from the 4th-6th. Look through these items and let us know your thoughts! Which was your favorite?

Set of Colt Python Snake Eyes Revolvers: Lot #636

Snake eyes! The gambling motif has long been attached to revolvers thanks to the Wild West days on the American frontier, and seldom is this more apparent than with this matched cased set of Colt Python double action revolvers found in the December Premier Auction at Rock Island Auction Company.

Lot 636: Matched Set of Colt Python Snake Eyes Double Action Revolvers

Held within a gorgeous wood frame box, internally lined with bright green felt, the presentation of these guns is enough to energize even the staunchest of Colt critics to place bids. Manufactured in a limited run of 500 sets, the only thing missing are some good buddies to throw some cards with. Along with smooth grips featuring two dice scrimshawed on the left panel and playing cards on the right, this lot is estimated at $14,000-$20,000 and is ready to make poker night something special.

Colt Combat Python Revolver with 3-inch Barrel: Lot #3599

It came as a surprise to many people when Colt confirmed rumors that they would be reintroducing Python revolvers in January of 2020. Before this, the Python had been out of production since 2005, exciting many people at the chance to own a factory-new Colt Python.

The newly released Pythons are made out of stronger stainless steel than older versions and are available in 4¼-inch and 6-inch barrels. While impressive, the new release fails to include a 3-inch barrel option, a disappointment for many. Fear not Colt enthusiasts, because Rock Island Auction Company has heard your prayers and is offering multiple unique Colt Pythons that feature this elusive 3-inch barrel configuration.

Colt Pythons

For example, this Colt Combat Python was manufactured in 1988 and is one of only 500 Combat Pythons that were exclusively produced for Lew Horton Distributing Company. Lew Horton was a major distributor that contracted specific non-standard configuration firearms that, otherwise, might not be requested, such as Colt Combat Python revolvers with 3-inch barrels.

Another reason why these revolvers are so valuable is because Lew Horton Colts and all the embellishments featured on them were produced entirely by Colt. Normally, Colt would outsource nonstandard orders for companies to third party manufacturers.

Lot 3599: Three Inch Barrel Colt Combat Python Revolver

Significant because of its rare and unusual authenticity in the manufacturing process, Lew Horton Colts are extremely desirable and one such as this, in an already uncommon barrel configuration, is not something seen very often.

Estimated at $8,500-$13,000, this item featured in the December Premier Firearms Auction already has considerable attention, so place your bids quickly.

Engraved Colt Python Revolver: Lot 644

Engravings can transform a simple firearm into a functioning piece of art. The addition of such small and intricate details can add so much personality to an inanimate piece of metal and wood.

Behind the elaborate floral scrolling found tastefully throughout this particular Colt Python are a series of small dots that give the engravings a sense of depth and texture.

Lot 644: Factory Engraved Colt Python Double Action Revolver with Box

The “punchdot” background was a common method of engraving metal items, such as firearms. Dot peen engraving machines are commonly used by designers to punch small holes and imperfections on to metallic surfaces using an electronic stylus pin made out of sturdy materials like diamonds and some even use lasers.

Before this method was invented approximately 30 years ago, people had to complete this process by hand using only human precision and specialized handtools. This was a highly tedious procedure that required immense amounts of patience, steadiness, and skill that would take years to master.

Lot 644: Factory Engraved Colt Python Double Action Revolver with Box

One quick look at this engraved Colt Python found in the December Premier Firearms Auction only confirms how ethereal engravings can appear on initial observation. Simply following the petal arrangements spread variously on different aspects of the gun, one marvels at its complexity.

How can such small details be so subtle while remaining unimaginably hard to ignore? Estimated at $6,000-$9,000, this beautiful example of artistry and mechanics is alluring, but is only the tip of the iceberg of what this auction holds in store.

150th Anniversary Colt Double Diamond Python Revolver: Lot #639

Colt Pythons are colloquially known as “the finest production revolver ever made,” at least in part due to their superior finish. The bluing used on Colt Pythons was a super polished blued finish known as “Colt Royal Blue.”  

It was held in high regard at the company, but demand quickly grew for finishes outside of the customary royal blue. They quickly responded with their “Ultimate Polishes” which included bright mirror polishes and stainless steel. Colt boasted that while their competitors were shipping out guns, the Python was still in the factory being polished with the care and respect it deserves.

Vintage Colt Advertisement.

Polishing was a critical aspect of the construction of the revolvers and new polishers underwent extensive training where they were taught the art of polishing metals to near perfection. Only master polishers, those with decades of experience and practice, were allowed to work on the Python because of its fragility while manufacturing.

The internal mechanics of the revolver are also hand polished and meticulously placed. With such significance and importance placed on every single step of the manufacturing process, it is no wonder why the Python is as popular as it is.

Lot 639: Cased Colt 150th Anniversary Double Matched Two Gun Set

This is an excellent example of a very difficult to find Colt 150th Anniversary "Double Diamond" set that includes both the Colt Officer's ACP pistol and the Colt Python revolver in the original Colt display case. This set is number 237 of 1,000 sets manufactured in 1986.

The Python features the brilliant Colt Ultimate Stainless finish (as described above), standard pinned blade front and fully adjustable rear sights, wide borderless checkered hammer, serrated trigger, serrated back strap, and smooth grips with inset silver Colt 150th anniversary medallions. Estimated at $5,500-$8,500, this incredible piece of history and craftsmanship is available for sale in the December Premier Auction.

Stainless Colt Python Revolver with 2 ½ inch Barrel: Lot #668

The primary selling point for the Colt Python is the exemplary accuracy of the revolver. Few other firearms compare with the Python in terms of accuracy, but its success can be attributed to the precise cylinder alignment and lock, along with its superior barrels.

Colt barrels are a specialty of the company and remain one of the most alluring aspects of their designs. Samuel Colt had invented machines to produce highly precise firearm barrels in the 19th century and the company has been manufacturing their own barrels ever since. The Python, however, took things a step further.

Lot 668: Bright Stainless Colt Python with 2 1/2 Inch Barrel and Box

The barrel for the Python was custom built with an ultra-smooth bore featuring faster rifling twists that not only stabilized the bullet by spinning it faster, but the constricting barrel also put a squeeze on the bullet while firing, increasing its accuracy. During the production process,

Pythons were given the “silver ball” treatment where a silver ball of a mysterious material was pushed down the barrel, flattening out any imperfections or blemishes, resulting in an extremely smooth inside. This process was held in extreme secrecy to ensure that any competitors could not replicate the design.

Lot 668: Bright Stainless Colt Python with 2 1/2 Inch Barrel and Box

With such significance placed on the barrel configuration, Colt is proclaiming that size really does not matter. This breath-taking stainless steel Colt Python revolver is an example of how bigger isn’t necessarily better.

With its 2½-inch barrel, this Python is gorgeous, concealable, and powerful. Estimated at $5,000-$8,000, this Python has not only been out of production for more than 15 years, but it still functions and aims as if it were made yesterday.

Colt Python Revolvers for Sale Almost Every Auction.

Colt Pythons are revolvers that immediately catch your attention. Whether you’re more interested in modern or contemporary pieces, nothing beats the clean and polished look that a Colt Python in good order can exude. Besides being an incredibly beautiful piece of weapons technology, the Colt Python is also extremely accurate.

The revolver is so well known for its accuracy that many people have dubbed this gun the finest production revolver ever produced. This December, an incredible collection of Colt Pythons will be available during Rock Island Auction Company’s next Premier Firearms Auction. Don’t miss your chance to own these rare, historic, and beautiful revolvers along with the literal tons of other items also for auction.

If there are any questions about any of the items listed here, consignment, or future auctions, please contact Rock Island Auction Company today. The Premier Firearms Auction takes place December 4th-6th with the preview hall opening on the 3rd. Explore the sale of the century now through the digital catalog here or order one for yourself!

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