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January 4, 2024

The First Must-See Texas Gun Show of 2024

By Kurt Allemeier

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Rock Island Auction will bring the first must-see Texas gun show of 2024 in February with its three-day Sporting and Collector Auction Feb. 16-18 in Bedford.

The Sporting & Collector Auction will feature classic long guns and pistols, terrific sporting arms, modern firearms and a cool lineup of Class III items. RIAC received a warm, enthusiastic and excited welcome at December’s Premier Auction in Bedford, the new venue’s first auction, and February’s auction will offer an excellent lineup of historic, well-conditioned and fascinating firearms.

The 90,000-square foot Bedford facility is quickly turning into the meeting place for firearms enthusiasts, serving as a true showplace for auctions and the preview days allow visitors to examine and admire all of the historic, rare and high-conditioned offerings in RIAC’s live auctions. Visitors are welcomed into the new facility by a bright and spacious entrance area that leads to the vast preview hall located at the end of a halfway of distressed wood and rough-hewn limestone and past some of the spectacular arms on offer.

Excitement is growing for Rock Island Auction Company's Bedford auction venue where visitors can examine and admire the historic, rare and high-conditioned offerings. Join us at the upcoming Sporting & Collector Auction, Feb. 16-18.

The preview hall provides plenty of space for visitors to move from one impressive display to the next with guns found on racks or in cabinets and eager RIAC employees on hand to assist anyone with a question or request.

RIAC’s Bedford venue has already proved to be a destination for long-time clients as well as new. Our employees who greeted and assisted visitors were told their experiences were welcoming and would draw them back.

During Sporting & Collector Auctions, the preview hall is filled nearly to overflowing with firearms and auction items for visitors to see and February will be no different with more than 5,100 items on offer. RIAC auctions offer diversity and rarity for the collector and enthusiast. Here’s just a sneak peek of what is expected in the February Sporting & Collector Auction.

Historic Guns

The Sporting & Collector Auction offers a way for collectors to wade into historic yet approachable items that might have been carried in the Civil War, the Great War or World War 2 or offers a historic connection to a person or place.

The Sporting & Collector Auction often features nice and accessible exemplars for collectors that can range from a Brown Bess flintlock musket to a three-digit early production Henry rifle or a Civil War-issued Henry. Rare guns are hard-to-find guns and they are available at varying price points like a Civil War C.S. Pettengill double action army revolver or a Nicanor Kendell percussion harmonica rifle.

This factory engraved Henry rifle dating to 1863, manufactured in the midst of the Civil War, is among the historic guns available in the Sept. 16-18 Sporting & Collector Auction.

Interesting 19th century guns that show the rapid evolution of firearms from flintlock to percussion to metallic cartridges like a Colt revolving rifle and a New Haven Arms Co. Volcanic No. 1 lever action pistol and derringers can also be found in the auction rosters.

Historic long guns that cemented their place in history as arms carried in World War 2 are plentiful in the S&C whether they are the Soviet SVT-40, a British Enfield, a German Walther K43 rifle or an American M-1 Garand.

This martially inspected Civil War C.S. Pettengill double action revolver is one of the rare and historic firearms in the upcoming Feb. 16-18 Sporting & Collector Auction.

Great Handguns

Colts and Smith & Wesson are mainstays of RIAC auctions for their revolvers, ranging from Colt’s Model 1877 double action revolver and Python to S&W’s New Model No. 3 and Model 28-2. The Sporting & Collector offers a wide and often unbelievable variety of great handguns, like Colt’s Model 1860 Army , the Ace pistol, and Smith & Wesson’s Pre-Model 29 and Performance Center Model 500

The eye-popping diversity of historic firearms like a Confederate Civil War classic, the LeMat grapeshot revolver, or a Japanese Baby Nambu pistol, Colt Model or a DWM 1915 dated military Luger offers something that can draw any collector’s interest in the roster of historic firearms in Sporting & Collector auctions.

This cased pair of Pondevaux dueling/target pistols with carved stocks was manufactured in St. Etienne, France between 18845-1880. They are available in the upcoming Sporting & Collector Auction, Feb. 16-18.

Guns with interesting origins can also be found in Sporting & Collector auctions, like guns marked for a Persian-contract or sent to the Royal Northwest Mounted Police or an Oklahoma sheriff.

There are always amazing Colt Single Action Armies to be found in this auction. It doesn’t matter if they are first, second or third generation, there is a remarkable spectrum of SAAs whether they have inspection markings, engraving, unique chamberings or are a commemorative firearm they are all achievable in the Sporting & Collector auctions.

Wonderful Winchesters

Lever action? Bolt Action? Shotgun? They are in the Sporting & Collector auction. Along with the lever action Winchesters like the Model 1866, 1895 or legendary 1873, there might be a Winchester sold on a Russian contract, or a pre-World War 2 Model 21 double barrel skeet shotgun or a pre-World War 2 Model 52 bolt action rifle.

This Winchester Model 1866 "Yellow Boy" features engraving based on the Mexican coat of arms with a golden eagle, rattlesnake and cactus. It is available in the upcoming Feb. 16-18 Sporting & Collector Auction.

World War 2 Guns

Guns that propped up both sides in World War 2 are in the auction, like Garands and Lugers, to Colt M1911A1s. Unique weapons from Austria’s Steyr, a U.S. Johnson Model 1941 semi-automatic rifle or a U.S.-marked Model 97 trench shotgun along with sniper style rifles on World War 2 platforms find their way into the Sporting & Collector auction.

The Feb. 16-18 Sporting & Collector Auction is a great opportunity for collectors on many levels with the number of genres and eras represented.

Class III Firearms

More accessible Class III weapons are available in Sporting & Collector auctions making it easy to start a Class III collection. You can find World War 2 submachine guns like a U.S. Guide Lamp M3, a reproduction Mark II STEN or a Thompson submachine gun. More modern Class III items like various M11s and MK Arms MK760 submachine guns can also be found among the inventory.

Made by Wilson Arms of Brunswick, Ga., with components of the Egyptian "Port Said" submachine gun, this is a licensed copy of the Swedish M/45 "Swedish K." The "Port Said" SMG is among a number of Class III arms in the upcoming Feb. 16-18 Sporting & Collector Auction.

Sporting Arms

Hunters can find their next deer rifle, skeet gun or waterfowl shotgun in the Sporting & Collector, whether it is a Winchester shotgun or bolt action rifle, a Weatherby bolt action rifle, a Franchi sidelock double barrel shotgun or a James Purdey double barrel shotgun.

This factory engraved Perazzi/Ithaca MX8 over/under shotgun is available in the upcoming Sporting & Collector Auction, Feb. 16-18.

Get Ready!

Rock Island Auction Company’s aim to build the finest brick and mortar auction venue in the United States, with cutting edge technology, meticulous presentation and over-sized hospitality has become a reality in Bedford, Texas. Those who have visited us in Illinois know our hospitality is second to none and it won’t be any different at our Lone Star State location as we strive to create what we believe are the greatest Texas gun shows alongside the greatest-ever firearms auctions. No matter your level of collecting, come visit our Bedford facility and experience the historic, diverse and rare items on offer. The first must-attend Texas gun show of 2024 will be the Feb. 16-18 Sporting & Collector Auction and its preview day on Feb. 15. We’ll see you there!

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