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Rock Island Auction Company helps firearm enthusiasts find the exact antique guns they are looking for, especially when it comes to flintlock firearms.

Many collectors come to us looking for flintlocks for sale. The guns have a rich history around the world since they were the firearms of choice for approximately two centuries. With many years as the peak of firearms technology, there are spectacular and rare flintlocks still in existence today. Our flintlocks for sale at auction come in a wide range of makes, models, and manufacturers.

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When looking to buy or collect an antique firearm, there are several factors that you need to consider in order to make an educated choice. RIAC offers a range of flintlock antique firearm in our auctions year round. Check out our catalog to see your options for buying a classic flintlock.

What is a Flintlock Mechanism?

The flintlock mechanism dates back to the 1600s. It was a vast improvement upon the earlier firing mechanisms of the matchlock and wheellock. The flintlock simplified the firing process by creating a new way to ignite the gunpowder to propel a bullet. The name flintlock comes from the fact that a jaw on the cock (or hammer) holds a piece of flint on the gun. When the trigger is pulled, the hammer slams forward and the flint strikes the steel “frizzen” which creates a shower of sparks into a small charge of gunpowder waiting in the flash pan. The flame of this small charge travels through a small hole in the breech of the gun, igniting the primary charge of gunpowder inside the barrel, and fires the flintlock.

The flintlock mechanism was a huge innovation for the firearms industry. It was simpler and cheaper to produce, quicker, more accurate, and more reliable. Since the guns were made in many different styles and countries, we tend to have varied selection of flintlocks for sale showcased in our auctions.

A Wide Variety of Flintlocks for Sale

Flintlock guns were sold to governments and also were available in the civilian market, resulting in both very austere and wonderfully lavish examples. Many guns we consider antique firearms were made in the era when flintlocks were popular, so finding the right one for your collection can be an exciting and rewarding search. One of our more recent flintlocks for sale that performed admirably at auction was a highly collectible and historic Brown Bess musket that dated back to 1743 and sold for $54,625. Collectors at every budget can collect flintlock firearms, so beginning collectors should not be intimidated by such high prices. Find your next antique gun at an upcoming auction.

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Buying antique guns through a trusted seller ensures that you get what you pay for. Rock Island Auction Company has been the global authority in antique gun auctions and collector firearm since 2003. If you are looking for a flintlock for sale, make sure we are your first stop.

Year after year we break records by selling the most rare and historic firearms. Our team of experts will help you find your perfect flintlock firearm and make sure your experience with us is stress-free and smooth.

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