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Lot 1468: Steyr 1894 Pistol 8 mm

Auction Date: April 30, 2016

Desirable and Rare Presentation Cased Steyr/Mannlicher Model 1894 Semi-Automatic Pistol Serial Number 14 with Accessories

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Estimated Price: $25,000 - $40,000

Desirable and Rare Presentation Cased Steyr/Mannlicher Model 1894 Semi-Automatic Pistol Serial Number 14 with Accessories

Manufacturer: Steyr
Model: 1894
Type: Pistol
Gauge: 8 mm
Barrel: 6 7/8 inch
Finish: blue
Grip: walnut checkered
Item Views: 1206
Serial Number:
Catalog Page: 240
Class: Antique

This is a rare example of an early production Steyr/Mannlicher self-loading, "blow-forward" action Model 1894 pistol serial number "14". These early Mannlicher pistols were all designed by Ferdinand Von Mannlicher and were produced by the Austrian Steyr factory. Von Mannlicher was an exceptional early engineer and designer who teamed with the Steyr factory to produce all of his rifle and pistols from the late 1890s through post WWII. This example is one of his very first "blow-forward" semi-automatic pistol designs with an extremely low serial number of "14" in fact it could actually be one of the very first full production pistols. One of the interesting features is that the pistol looks like it would have a standard removable pistol clip, however it actually has a permanently installed internal magazine that loaded from the top of the action via a stripper clip, when the barrel is forward. The other unique design feature is that the barrel actually moves forward during the firing/cycling of the pistol. Then when the barrel returns into battery (e.g. when the barrel is moving towards the rear of the action) it strips off and chambers a new cartridge from the internal magazine. It is also a "double action" mechanism with a rebounding hammer. When a cartridge can be in the chamber with the hammer down, you just pull the trigger as in the double action mode, just like pistols today. Very unique for "1894". The top of the barrel and left side of the receiver are stamped with serial number "14" and when you remove the left side and side plate you will see that all of the internal parts are correctly numbered "14", clearly indicating it has all matching numbers. It is fitted with a set of checkered walnut grips. It has an all rust blued finish with straw color small parts and case colors on the trigger and hammer. This rare early pistol is complete with an original French fitted storage case with a dark green leatherette cover with a lighter green felt interior. The case holds the pistol, a screw driver, a wooden handled, brass cleaning rod, and a small tube/vial of old grease. Also included with this lot are "8" original Mannlicher rimmed pistol cartridges. The headstamp on each case is a "95" for year of manufacture and a single "star" proof.

Rating Definition:

Excellent with 97% plus of the original blue finish overall with just minor edge and high spot wear. The smaller parts shows traces of the straw colors and the case colors have faded to subdued gray patina. The walnut grips are in excellent condition showing just very minor handling marks in a couple places. The case has the outer cover all intact with very minor wear on the edges or corners. The internal felt also retains nearly all of its original green colors just showing wear around the pistol where it sat for many years. A rare cased Mannlicher Model 1894 pistol serial number "14".

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