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Lot 1365: Winchester - 12

Auction Date: September 8, 2018

Absolutely Outstanding As-Issued World War II U.S. Army Contract Winchester Model 12 Trench Shotgun with Winchester Box

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Estimated Price: $9,000 - $15,000

Absolutely Outstanding As-Issued World War II U.S. Army Contract Winchester Model 12 Trench Shotgun with Winchester Box

Manufacturer: Winchester
Model: 12
Type: Shotgun
Gauge: 12
Barrel: 20 inch round
Finish: parkerized
Stock: walnut
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Item Interest: Very Active
Serial Number:
Catalog Page: 163
Class: Curio & Relic Long Gun

This is an absolute time capsule of a rare, late WWII, all parkerized Winchester Model 12 Trench Gun manufactured in 1945. This example is completely cased in the original long-term cosmoline preservative on the metal components and as noted is complete with the original Winchester factory cardboard shipping box correctly marked and numbered to this shotgun. Based on the serial number this is one of the very last ones produced, and it is in stunning original condition. The Winchester Model 12 and Model 97 trench shotguns were the primary U.S. combat shotguns used in WWII and Korea and even into Vietnam by both the Marine Corps and U.S. Army. Original, unaltered WWII examples are extremely rare today given almost all were rebuilt and reparkerized over time. The cosmoline preservative covers all the way from the muzzle to the rear of the receiver and slightly on the buttstock. It thick and heavy. Looking through the grease, the barrel is roll stamped with the two line Winchester address/patent dates followed by "-WINCHESTER-/-TRADE MARK-" and "MODEL 12-12 GA.-2 3/4 CHAM./CYL." The top breech end of the barrel has a barely readable small Ordnance Dept. "Shell and Flame" insignia. Both the barrel and front edge of the receiver are stamped with the circled Winchester "WP" factory proofmark. The right front end of the receiver is also roll stamped with the Ordnance "Shell and Flame insignia/U.S." This shotgun is fitted with a walnut stock and pump handle, and the left side of the stock is stamped with the boxed Ordnance "G.H.D." inspection mark and a small 1/4 inch U.S. Ordnance Escutcheon stamped below that. The serial number, "1035200", is roll stamped on the underside of the barrel extension and receiver. The ribbed forearm is covered in cosmoline, and the buttstock has a dry oil type finish and a black checkered hard rubber buttplate with the circular Winchester logo. The shotgun is fitted with the WWII pattern four hole, heat shield/bayonet lug. Interestingly the screws for the heat shield are not screwed all the way in, but they are covered with original cosmoline, same as the rest of the shotgun. The stock has a sling swivel and the larger bail wire sling swivel located on the bayonet lug. The lower sling swivel still retains the original small aluminum serial number tag from the Winchester factory that is stamped "1035200". As noted, this wonderful shotgun comes with the original cardboard factory shipping box with the original Winchester Model 12 label on the end with a non-matching serial number written in pencil, that has been crossed out. The matching serial number (1035200) has been written in pencil on the top of the lid. The box also includes the original instruction manual inside along with some of the original US Army preservative wrapping paper.

Rating Definition:

Absolutely as issued and unfired with 99.9% of the original WWII/Winchester parkerized finish remaining overall under the cosmoline. The pump handle, as noted, is also covered with the cosmoline, so its like new, and the buttstock is also in like new condition with a crisp cartouche. The box is also in excellent condition. This is a real treasure trove for the U.S. martial arms or trench gun collector and is probably the only one still in existence like this!

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