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Premier Firearms Auction #73

Friday April 13th, 2018

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cased civilian Colt Walker Extremely Well-Documented, Historic and Iconic Only Known Original Cased Colt Civilian Walker Percussion Revolver, Known as "The Danish Sea Captain Walker"


The murmurs around the RIAC facility have focused for months around a single phrase: Coming in 2018. For months we’ve been holding our tongue, fighting the urge to tell collectors everywhere about the sensational items that lay in store. Now, we wait no more. We are proud to announce the outstanding items and collections in our 2018 April Premiere Firearms Auction.

Held April 13-15, the sale will be the dawn of an incredible year for firearms collectors, hunters, shooters, and investors. Collections built over decades will be disbursed, once-in-a-lifetime items will find new homes, and thousands of collectors will have new, treasured favorites in their care.

For starters, there are a staggering 17 named collections in this momentous sale:

  • The Esteemed Lifetime Collection of the 63rd President of the National Rifle Association of America Mr. Allan Cors: “The World at War in the 19th & 20th Century”
  • Robert Ferro
  • Robert M. Lee, the finest collection of 19th Century American arms and high art European arms ever assembled
  • Bruce Shulak
  • The Collection of the late Pete (Walter) M. Caldwell III
  • Robert Berryman Bowie Knife & Push Dagger Collection
  • Bill Kramer
  • Ken Bloss
  • Bruce Canfield
  • John Siroonian
  • Chad Gripp
  • Dick Hammer
  • The Estate of Roger W. Raines
  • Putnam Green/Sycamore
  • Cam Cogsdill
  • The Bluegrass Collection
  • Frank and Nanitta Pachmayr Foundation-A California Nonprofit Corporation

Knowing that each one of these collectors has spent decades honing their respective collections means that there are going to be incredibly rare, fresh-to-market, high condition, and beautiful pieces available for collectors to make their own. 2018 is an exciting time for gun collectors.


We urge you to click the image below to view our 16-page Preview Booklet containing many of the highlights in 2018’s inaugural Premiere Auction.


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