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Premier Firearms Auction #77

Friday September 6th, 2019

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Rock Island Auction 2019 September Premier


Collectors around the world have come to expect the very best from Rock Island Auction Company. We embrace this expectation taking great pride, and even a sense of duty, in presenting the finest collector arms available to public hands. Our September 2019 Premier Firearms Auction will prove to be no exception. Held September 6 – 8, the event is absolutely bursting with world-class firearms, bladed weapons, and historic items certain to astound. Some of the notable groupings in the sale:

  • The Robert M. Lee Collection
  • The Mac McCroskie Collection
  • A Selection of Fine Arms from the Esteemed Larry Jones Collection
  • A Selection of S&W Icons from the Award Winning Ray & Sheryl Cheely Collection
  • Property from the Spenger’s Fish Grotto, Berkeley, CA Firearms Collection
  • Items from the John Ross Collection, author of the bestselling novel “Unintended Consequences”
  • Dick Salzer Collection
  • Ruby Bymaster Collection
  • Robert C. Chandler Collection
  • Gerald Klaz Collction
  • The Estate of James Frisbie
  • The TLC Collection
  • The Putnam Green/Sycamore Collection


Colt Firearms

Exceptional Colt firearms will always be a staple at Rock Island Auction and in our September Premier they comprise six of the nine highest estimates of the sale. Serving as flagship will be an extraordinary Colt Walker revolver, marked No. 120 from E Company, thus making it the last martial Colt Walker ever manufactured. Of similar importance will be a National Treasure 1860 Army revolver, lavishly master engraved by Gustave Young, which served as a presentation piece from Colt to famed Union General George B. McClellan, Commander of the Army of the Potomac. Its unprecedented historic pedigree truly makes this a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Also of note will be an 1877 Colt “Bulldog” Gatling gun, Colt Single Action Army #37 from the Mel Torme Collection, numerous percussion revolvers in exquisite condition, and a host of beautiful early semi-automatics.

Colt revolvers at Rock Island Auction


Winchester Repeating Arms

The selection of Winchester Arms is a fantastic mix of rarity, artistry, and variety. One of the holy grails of Winchester collecting will be available to the collecting public, as RIAC proudly offers a historic and documented “Centennial 1876” single action U.S. Navy test revolver. Not only is it recognized as the rarest Winchester of all, but it also pioneered the independent swing-out cylinder. Standing shoulder to shoulder with this historic behemoth is the remarkable Winchester Model 1895 smothered in engraving and gold inlay by John Ulrich and inscribed to famed Western author Zane Grey. Other highlights include an early production, serial number 116, open-top Winchester 1876 First Model; a Winchester Model 12 shotgun serial number 2, a rare pre-production M1 Garand, and numerous special order and historic lever action rifles.

Winchester Centennial revolver


Smith & Wesson Revolvers

This sale will also contain the efforts of several outstanding collections of Smith & Wesson arms. First and foremost of these will be the well documented and NRA Silver Medal winning Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum that belonged to S&W Vice President Douglas B. Wesson, accompanied by a host of significant accouterments. RIAC is also proud to offer the only surviving example of the four Triple Lock revolvers chambered in S&W .45 special, and submitted to the 1906 U.S. Army handgun cartridge trials. The rarity and desirability of this revolver will not be lost on S&W nor U.S. military collectors.


Incredible Collector Firearms

These genres are, of course, far from the only highlights in the sale. There are exciting possibilities for every interest. You may be interested to find the Confederate 12-pound field howitzer or several of the other historic Confederate pieces in the sale. If one seeks antiques, they will be quite pleased to find the only known matched pair of Collier Second Model flintlock revolvers, or perhaps the incredibly high condition Belton four-shot repeating flintlock pistol accompanied by its wooden patent model. Military enthusiasts can find Georg Luger’s personal use, 7-shot prototype Baby Luger pistol, a pre-production Singer M1911A1 pistol, and even a 1902 American Eagle “Cartridge Counter” Luger.

This supremely impressive list goes on and on, so be sure to search our online catalog the minute it becomes available. You may elect to receive a notification by signing up for our email list and selecting the box “Auction Alerts.” A sale of this size and magnitude, you simply cannot miss.


Rodda 4-bore double rifle



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