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December 9, 2021

Gun Gift Ideas

By Kurt Allemeier

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Rock Island Auction Company’s Arms and Accessories Day Firearms Auction on Dec. 15 is your one-stop shopping opportunity for that gun owner in your life, with Colts, Winchesters, long guns, and handguns.

But wait, there’s more.

The auction will have antique firearms as well as swords, uniforms, bayonets, ammunition, and even British military medals. Let us offer some recommendations.

Starter Set

If you’re shopping for someone starting a collection, here’s a trio of hard-to-find semi-automatic Craig Ltd. handguns made with Caspian Arms parts, the first-ever on offer by Rock Island Auction. Lot 22 is an Omen semi-automatic with a 3 1/8 inch barrel; Lot 23 is a Fantom F-13 semi-automatic with a 3 1/2 inch barrel; and Lot 30 is a Fantom F-15 semi-automatic pistol with a 3 1/2 inch barrel. At one time, the Fantom was advertised as ultra-light at 24 ounces and extremely accurate at 25 yards.

Scarce Caspian Arms Craig Ltd. Omen semi-automatic pistol

If your entry level collector prefers revolvers, then how about Lot 65, a pair of engraved Ruger New Vaquero revolvers? Only 500 pairs were made by Ruger Studio of Art & Decoration. “One of One Thousand” is engraved on the butt of the gun and is signed by Heidi Roos.

Perhaps you are shopping for someone who likes to go to the shooting range. The Sig Sauer P320 was the top-selling semi-automatic handgun among people younger than 50 during the height of the pandemic, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation. There are six lots that include a P320. They are Lot 19, Lot 20, Lot 424, Lot 429, Lot 430, and Lot 675.

Sig Sauer P320 semi-automatic pistol

If that special someone prefers revolvers, consider a Colt King Cobra in Lot 49, or a pair of Ruger GP 100s in Lot 653. Both guns were also in demand in the pandemic, according to the NSSF.

Colt King Cobra Double Action Revolver

Does the hunter in your life want a shotgun? There are two of the ever-popular Remington 870s (Lot 507, Lot 508) among the 110 shotguns up for auction on Dec. 15. Among bolt-action rifles, the Remington 700 is always a popular choice, and 14 are available in the upcoming Arms and Accessories Day Auction.

A pair of Remington Model 870 Express TAC14 rifles

We don’t want to forget the semi-automatic rifles. The auction features four pre-ban Colt AR-15s (Lot 331, Lot 332, Lot 717, and Lot 718). Want something a bit more exotic? There are Egyptian, Romanian, Hungarian and Russian semi-automatics available, too.

Pre-Ban Colt AR-15 semi-automatic rifle

Don’t Forget Ice Cube

If you drew Ice Cube or Brandon Herrera in the gift exchange drawing, then consider the AK-47 Mikhail Kalashnikov 90th Birthday commemorative rifle (Lot 697) on offer as well.

Gadget Guy

Looking for an unusual weapon for that gadget-obsessed person in your life? How about a pen gun (Lot 58)? The Cased Stinger Manufacturing .22 caliber pen pistol is certainly a conversation starter. About the size of a Sharpie, it folds into a small pistol that fires one shot.

Learn more about these unusual weapons and how they work

Stocking Stuffers

Stuffing several stockings this holiday? How about ammunition! The Dec. 15 auction has 32 lots that range from a group of shotgun and pistol ammunition (Lot 130) to Russian ammunition (Lot 244, Lot 351). Each ammunition lot offers several boxes with some from exotic locales like Spain, Yugoslavia, Ecuador, and Serbia.

Two sealed crates of Yugoslavian 7.92x57mm surplus ammunition

Cigar Enthusiast

Does your gun enthusiast enjoys a fine cigar after a day of hunting or visiting the range? Then check out Lot 200, a group of cigar items that include antique glass humidors, a match safe, and a cigar cutter.

Go Antiquing

Consider an inexpensive antique firearm for that enthusiast’s collection. The French Minie-Cordier percussion training rifle (Lot 215) is hard-to-find but on offer Dec. 15. Rarely found in the United States, this weapon was used to train French cadets in the 1860s, made from designs by Claude Minie, the designer of the famous Minie bullet.

Scarce French Minie-Cordier Percussion Training Rifle

A Tula Arsenal Model 91/30 Mosin Nagant rifle dated 1929 (Lot 240) is ready for the range, and comes with a bayonet, sling, and ammunition pouches.

European Fashion

Keeping with the European theme, consider the gift of assorted European military uniform pieces (Lot 212), or even 15 British medals (Lot 213).

All American

They may not come in a low-rise bikini, but if some American camouflage is something you’re shopping for, check out the U.S. military gear in the auction in Lots 313 to 316. Lot 313 is U.S. Navy uniforms, while Lot 314 is assorted military dress uniforms. Lot 315 is camouflage uniform parts. Lot 316 has several pieces of cold weather gear. Sizes vary in all the lots.

Bayonets and Swords

Bayonets date back to the 17th Century and are a good place to start a collection because they are relatively inexpensive. The lots on offer (224, 287, 288, 289) offer multiple versions of European and American bayonets.

Naval style cutlass with scabbard

Are you shopping for a swashbuckler or someone preparing for a 19th century cavalry charge? How about a cutlass or sword, available in Lots 214, 278, 279, and 280.

Book ‘Em

Perhaps it's a seafaring sort who's on your shopping list. Then, check out Lot 319. It has seven book on various U.S. Naval vessels. They include "The Bluejackets Manual 1944," "1966 U.S.S. Chicago," "U.S.S. Oklahoma City - 1st Year History," "U.S.S. John F. Kennedy Vol. 1," and "1957 First Cruise U.S.S. Forrestal CVA 59."

Military aficionados might get a kick out of Lot 320, featuring World War II-era publications "Stars and Stripes," "Yank," and "Army-Navy Journal."

World War II-era publications

You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid

The two German air rifles in Lot 456 aren’t an “official Red Ryder, carbine action 200-shot, range model air rifle, with a compass in the stock and this thing that tells time,” but you’ll still be getting off hip shots in no time. Or if not, one of them has a scope.

Two German air rifles

Scope It Out

Take a look (get it?) at the scopes if your rifleman needs one for their long gun. Check out Lots 603, 604, 605, 788, and 789.

Firearms Magazines

This isn’t about those kind of magazines or they would’ve been included with the books earlier. These magazines (Lot 688) fit an M1A, a semi-automatic shotgun, and eight pistol magazines handguns calibers, including 9mm and .45 ACP.

Birds Beware

Want to get out and do some bird watching? The trio of binoculars on Lot 787 will help you spot that Piping Plover or Golden-Cheeked Warbler that have been so elusive. The optics remain in good overall condition with these.

Three pairs of binoculars

Teddy Roosevelt, John Wayne Commemoratives

Gun makers commemorate all kinds of people like Hollywood legend John Wayne (Lot 944, Lot 953) to president and conservationist Theodore Roosevelt (Lot 945), Confederate General Robert E. Lee (Lot 950) to firearms enthusiast Elmer Keith (Lot 956).

All kinds of things are commemorated, too, like antlered game (Lot 942), lever action rifles (Lot 949), Winchester’s 1866 rifle (Lot 946), the U.S. Bicentennial (Lot 947), Colt’s 125th anniversary of its Single Action Army (Lot 955), Marlin’s 100th anniversary (Lot 960), and West Virginia’s centennial (Lot 951 and 954) that actually makes this cased Colt Single Action Army 58 years old.

Cased Colt Single Action Army commemorative of West Virginia Centennial

Christmas Is Coming

Dive into the Rock Island Auction catalog like it’s an old Sears Roebuck catalog and find what you like. Put in your sealed bid or prepare a phone bid at for the Dec. 15 Arm and Accessories Day Auction for just the right gift for the gun enthusiast in your life.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Rock Island Auction Company!

If you didn't find exactly what you were looking for under the tree, there's all kinds of goodies to be found next year at Rock Island Auction Company. The next Arms and Accessories Day is Jan. 12, 2022 and the Sporting and Collectors Auction is Feb. 16-18.

Check out our upcoming auctions.

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