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January 9, 2024

The Best Texas Gun Shows

By Joe Engesser

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Rock Island Auction’s preview day events are some of the finest Texas gun shows you’ll ever attend. Located in Bedford, Texas, Rock Island Auction Company’s state-of-the-art facility includes an impressive 19,000-square-foot preview hall designed to take everything you love about gun shows and expand upon that experience by offering arms collectors an accessible destination to inspect thousands of rare collectible firearms.

Serving as a true showplace for the industry’s largest firearm auctions, Rock Island Auction Company’s new venue at 3600 Harwood Rd., Bedford, Texas, hosts the finest Texas gun shows around.

RIAC auctions aren't literal gun shows, of course. There are no tables for exhibitors to rent or outside vendors. Instead, these auctions seek to evoke the old gun shows where friendships were forged, the best guns were available, and gun owners of all disciplines gathered under one roof to revel in the tools of their trade.

Watch this page for the latest additions to Rock Island Auction Company’s upcoming Texas gun show schedule.

Texas Gun Shows 2024: February 16-18 Sporting & Collector Firearms Auction

Thursday, February 15th marks the first must-see Texas gun show of 2024 at Rock Island Auction Company. RIAC’s Bedford Preview Hall opens to the public at 9:00 a.m. on February 15th, the morning prior to the three-day Sporting & Collector auction event. With more than 5,100 items for sale, the vast diversity of rare, desirable, and highly collectible firearms and militaria on display will be truly unmatched.

More than 5,100 items will be auctioned in just three days during RIAC’s Feb. 16-18 Sporting & Collector Auction. Plus there’s a full day of preview on Feb. 15th, the best Texas gun show of the month.

Any firearms fan looking for the best Dallas-Fort Worth area gun shows will find thousands of potential dream guns to examine and shoulder this February at RIAC. The wide-ranging roster includes everything from antique muzzleloaders, Wild West classics, 19th and 20th century military arms, and an assortment of Class III weapons like the Uzi and Thompson submachine guns.

If you’re searching for Dallas-Fort Worth area gun shows, look no further than RIAC’s February 15th preview day event.

February 15th’s preview day promises to be one of the most memorable Texas gun shows yet. With so many lots available and virtually no reserves, you’ll discover no shortage of deals to be had to make your trip to this fantastic DFW gun show event one to remember.

One of the finest Texas gun shows, February's preview day event at RIAC offers collectors everything from antiques to military arms, with hundreds of lots containing groupings of two, three, four, or more guns.

Texas Gun Shows 2024: May 17-19 Premier Firearms Auction

After the historic grand opening of Rock Island Auction Company’s Bedford, Texas facility in December of 2023, RIAC is excited to announce its first Premier Firearms Auction event of 2024 this May. The extraordinary three-day auction will take place from May 17-19, with a Thursday, May 16th preview day event that represents one of the can’t-miss Texas gun shows of the year.

RIAC’s May Premier Auction is one of the finest Texas gun shows of the year, featuring exceptional offerings like these exquisite selections from the Norman R. Blank Collection.

Rock Island Auction Company's Thursday, May 16th preview day event offers arms enthusiasts a firsthand opportunity to examine, handle, and inspect investment-grade firearms from some of the finest collections, including pinnacle pieces from The Norman R. Blank Collection, The Greg Lampe Collection, The Allan Cors Collection, and many more.

Preview Days preceding each of RIAC’s Premier Auctions represent the highest quality Dallas-Fort Worth area gun shows an arms collector can find.

Whether you’re looking for exceptional antiques, elite Colts and Winchesters, or rare military arms, Rock Auction Company’s May 17-19 Premier Auction covers every genre a gun enthusiast could ask for.

A cased Le Page-Moutier double barrel percussion shotgun (center), one of the hundreds of exceptional firearms that can be examined at RIAC’s Bedford gun show this May.

The Best Texas Gun Shows

Rock Island Auction Company’s preview days are gun shows unlike any other, a museum you can touch. Located at 3600 Harwood Rd., Bedford, Texas, in the heart of the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex, Rock Island Auction Company’s new venue has quickly become the cathedral of fine arms collecting. The facility was designed for the collector, by the collector, and this passion for the fine arms pursuit is evident in every facet of RIAC’s gun show events.

Auction weeks at RIAC are the best Texas gun shows you’ve never been to, ideally located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Years ago, finding rare firearms required meticulously searching through countless classified ads and traveling to numerous far-flung gun shows around the country. Rock Island Auction Company’s Bedford facility provides a single destination for every type of gun enthusiast to actively participate in the fine arms pursuit, from the lifelong collector to the inquisitive greenhorn. For quality, variety, and sheer volume of guns on display, RIAC’s preview day gun show events are unmatched.

Rock Island Auction Company's DFW area gun show events offer far more excitement than you find meandering the aisles at most modern gun shows.

Quality, Variety, and Sheer Volume of Guns

If you’re interested in viewing thousands of collectible firearms in one location, Rock Island Auction Company’s Bedford, Texas gun shows are calling your name. Where else can you experience such a jam-packed slate of high-condition firearms from the finest collections displayed in a single location, just waiting to be picked up and inspected?

Rock Island Auction Company’s Texas gun shows offer sheer volume and unrivaled selection. Outside of Tulsa, where else are you going to see such an abundance of collectible firearms under one roof?

History is on display at Rock Island Auction Company. From scarce prototypes, experimental designs, historic icons, elite masterworks, and other fascinating rarities and curiosa that would be absent from even the most popular collector-grade gun shows, RIAC’s Premier and Sporting & Collection Auctions include the finest selection in the industry.

See some of the most desirable firearms from the finest collections at Rock Island Auction Company’s preview day gun shows in Bedford, Texas.

From vintage to modern, from high-condition pieces to used guns ready to be fielded by the next generation, every era, genre, arms collecting niche, and pricepoint is well represented at Rock Island Auction Company. Each of our Texas gun shows also features a multitude of swords, blades, vintage ammunition, and an assortment of highly collectible militaria. And for the arms enthusiasts with a dedicated gun room, plenty of classic gun ads, frontier photography, and Western art pieces are also found in abundance.

Rock Island Auction Company’s new Bedford facility has quickly become the foremost international venue to buy and sell collector grade firearms.

A Welcoming Atmosphere

Rock Island Auction Company’s Texas gun shows offer an inviting atmosphere thanks to our hallmark hospitality, first-rate customer service, and the fantastic community of firearms collectors who attend our events. Imagine browsing thousands of firearms exhibited on endless rifle racks and glistening display cases while you mingle with a welcoming crowd of seasoned veterans and aspiring collectors.

RIAC’s Texas gun shows are great places to expand your collection and meet new friends along the way.

Attending one of Rock Island Auction’s preview day gun shows is a chance to take part in a fantastic community of knowledgeable arms enthusiasts. Swap stories, ask questions, and tour our expansive Bedford Preview Hall at your own pace as you take in some of the finest assemblages of arms presented under one roof.

You’ll find an inviting community at Rock Island Auction Company’s Dallas-Fort Worth area gun shows.

Come for the Gun Show, Stay for the Auction

Rock Island Auction Company’s Texas gun shows are a blast for any firearms fan, and the auctions to follow are even more exhilarating. Attending an auction in person can provide an unmatched sense of rhythm to a sale and reward patient collectors with some impressive bargains on rare and desirable firearms.

What other Texas gun shows let you handle some of the finest arms in the collecting field?

There’s also an indescribable thrill to live bidding at Rock Island Auction Company. The anticipation, the suspense, and the excitement of hearing the hammer fall after squeaking out a hard-earned victory. When it comes to heart-pounding drama, nothing beats participating in a fast-paced auction at RIAC.

Matt Carriker (Demolition Ranch) buys an Uzi at Rock Island Auction Company after a tense bidding battle.

Exploring Bedford, Texas

Bidding can be hard work, and Rock Island Auction Company offers our guests refreshments during each auction day. Whether you’re in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for just the gun show or here for the entire auction event, the region has a bounty of quality hotels, restaurants, and attractions to enrich your visit.

Rock Island Auction Company’s Bedford gun show events are conveniently located near the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

With so much to see and experience, consider staying a while and enjoying the Bedford area. Nearby hotels include Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center, Great Wolf Lodge, The Ritz Carlton, and Hotel Drover. Quality dining options are also found in abundance, with Winewood Grill’s classic American cuisine, TruFire Kitchen & Bar’s Mediterranean-inspired menu, and Truluck’s fresh seafood selections representing just a few of the nearby choices to consider.

The Stockyards Trinity River Excursion is a 45-minute train excursion that departs from the Historic Stockyards Station in Fort Worth, where the West begins.

Local attractions abound, including Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington and the Dallas Museum of Art. And of course, nothing embodies Western heritage better than the Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District. Mark your calendar, plan your trip, and feel free to reach out with any questions concerning the Bedford area, RIAC’s new facility, or details on our 2024 Texas gun show schedule.

The Best Texas Gun Shows of 2024

At Rock Island Auction Company, we use the phrase, “History Lives Here,” and now, so does the future. Our Company’s focus on cutting-edge technology, meticulous presentation, and oversized hospitality is exemplified by our new venue at 3600 Harwood Rd., Bedford, Texas, and every arms collector is invited to attend our preview day gun show events in 2024.

Looking for a DFW gun show? RIAC’s schedule of 2024 Texas gun shows will be updated throughout the year.

Even if you can't attend the gun shows and auctions in person, check out our online catalogs in the weeks leading up to each event and place your bids. We're happy to answer your questions and provide additional information and images on any lots you’re interested in so you can examine your favorite firearms remotely.

You can also follow the auctions live at and bid through our custom bidding platform, Rock Island Auction Live. While remote bidding is certainly an exciting option, we encourage anyone interested in firearms, history, artistry, or unique alternative asset classes to make the trip to Bedford and experience the most advanced brick-and-mortar auction venue in America firsthand.

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