What's the Commission for Selling Guns at Rock Island Auction?

Like most well-known auction houses, we do not post commission rates on our website because of all the variables involved. Our inclusive commission rates can change depending on:

  • What type of firearms do you have?
  • How many firearms do you have?
  • Are your guns antique, modern, Class III machine guns, or curio & relic?
  • Do you have rare guns and/or accoutrements?
  • Do you have the original box, case, and paperwork that came with your firearms?
  • Are you selling a large collection? Are your items not firearms, but ammunition, accessories, or firearms-related militaria?
  • The type of auction your items will be placed in is a factor.
  • Perhaps you are not sure of the value of your firearms, you inherited them for example. We need to learn more about your firearms to get you a fair commission rate.

When you agree to consign with Rock Island Auction Company, we take care of all the work: photography, descriptions, advertising, storage, insurance, as well as legal transfer and shipping to the buyer. We handle everything and charge a simple percentage of your item's sale price with our only incentive being to bring you the most money for your items.

Should You Choose a Firearms Auction House Based on Commission?

Picking an auction house based mainly on the commission rate is the wrong way to go, if you care about getting the most money for your guns. For instance, would you rather:

  • Sell your gun at auction house X for 0% commission and see the gun sell for $3,500.00?
  • Sell your gun with Rock Island Auction Company and see it sell for $5,500.00, then pay a commission?

If you wanted to sell something for top dollar, would you rather list it in your local newspaper classified section for 2 weeks for free, or would you pay to list it on a major internet site, post ads in collector forums, create videos, and write up full feature stories that will be viewed by thousands for up to 6 weeks? Having your guns viewed by the world will earn you the most money.

Rock Island Auction Company Gets the Most Money for your Guns

Each auction house has its own company resources, customer base, marketing techniques, and advertising budgets. By choosing an auction house with more resources, a website that generates substantial traffic, and a large marketing and social media department, you will gain greater exposure to a larger number of buyers. This is ideal, since reaching more potential buyers increases the chances of getting the most money for your guns.

As the number one firearms auction house in the world, Rock Island Auction Company has the largest list of gun collecting clientele in the industry by a substantial margin, and our numbers continue to skyrocket.

In a highly competitive marketplace, if an auction house dramatically lowers its consignment fee, corners are being cut elsewhere. The might come in the form of limited marketing, staffing, catalog and photography, or one of the other countless steps required to get exposure for your guns. Yes, RIAC charges a commission when you work with us, but we put in the money to work for you, and the proof is in the numbers.

Rock Island Auction Company By the Numbers

The key to a successful auction is mass exposure for your items and driving up interest in the sale. This is especially true for rare and antique arms. This takes time to achieve, which is why Rock Island Auction Company catalogs go online typically six weeks before an auction. Plus we ship our print catalogs four weeks prior to auction.

Imagine how much more your guns will be viewed in all that time! RIAC’s marketing is a full-court press involving numerous videos, blogs, forums, print and online advertising, daily posts across all major social media sites, and our customer service department making thousands of calls to prospective bidders as we build up excitement for the sale.

In contrast, one of our competitors touts “Our sale catalogs ship out two weeks prior to the sale, in the case of single day auctions, and a full three weeks prior to the sale in the case of two-day sales."

Would you rather have your items in front of prospective bidders for three weeks or six? The extra time allows more collectors to find and compete for your firearms.

Another competitor states “EXPOSURE: We market your collection through an expansive marketing campaign.”

They do not list any specifics because they are unable to offer any meaningful promotion with a 0% commission rate. How can they? Zero commission means minimal effort and resources.

Compare this to Rock Island Auction Company’s extensive outreach. As of October 2021:

  • Our website gets an average of 3 million page views per month.
  • Over 60,000 people subscribe and watch our videos. This number climbs monthly.
  • Our Gun Blog is read and sent to our 88,000 newsletter subscribers.

Why Rock Island Auction Company is the Top Firearms Auction House

Rock Island Auction Company has the experience, the customer outreach, and a longstanding success record as the number one firearms auction house in the world to get the best deal for your guns. Our marketing places your firearms in front of thousands of potential buyers, and these efforts have resulted in record-breaking sales growth year after year.

Rock Island Auction Company gets you the highest possible profit for your guns, no contest. The proof is in the numbers, our reputation, and our satisfied clientele. Whether you’re interested in selling a single gun or an extensive gun collection, Rock Island Auction Company is the best place to consign your firearms, hands down.