Old Gun Values

The market for vintage guns is hotter than ever right now, and the rising value of older guns has only spurred higher demand as classic guns are viewed as a rare and increasingly difficult to obtain commodity. Selling your old guns at auction is a better option than ever, and consignment couldn’t be easier!

Rock Island Auction Company is a world leader in antique firearm sales, and an expert in determining the value of old guns. We can sell your classic revolvers, vintage shotguns, lever-action rifles, bolt guns, and more. Older guns are often passed down from one generation to the next, and many commonly inherited gun genres have increased in value in recent years.

Just a few vintage gun genres that have seen soaring popularity at Rock Island Auction Company are the M1 Carbine, the M1903 Springfield, the Parker Bros. VH, the Browning Auto 5, the Savage Model 99, the Winchester Model 94, the Winchester Model 70, and almost every classic Colt revolver. The examples below clearly illustrate how the market for older guns is more profitable than ever.

Selling your 1911

Older pistols like the M1911 have seen their value soar. How much can you get for a 1911 pistol? Rock Island Auction Company’s recent sales data can help give a rough starting estimate should you consider selling your 1911.


While these values are trends and not forecasts, the 1911 has seen its value rise 32.67% over just six years. The best way to look up the value of your 1911s and other classic guns is with a pre-auction evaluation.

early-U.S.-Springfield-Armory-Model-1911-semi-automatic-pistolThis early U.S. Springfield Armory Model 1911 semi-automatic pistol more than doubled its high estimate and sold for $16,100 in Rock Island Auction Company’s May, 2021 Premier Firearms Auction.

Selling your M1 Garand

How much can you get for an M1 Garand rifle? The value of classic U.S. military guns is at an all-time high, and the current market is perfectly positioned right now for those looking to sell an M1 Garand rifle.


Going back through seven years of data presents a clear look at the growth in value the M1 Garand rifle has enjoyed. Like so many genres of classic guns that have seen rising prices, the M1 Garand continues to trend upward. The perfect place to sell your M1 Garand is at Rock Island Auction Company.

U.S.-Springfield-Armory-M1-Garand-rifleThis U.S. Springfield Armory M1 Garand rifle exceeded its high estimate and sold for $5,463 in Rock Island Auction Company’s May, 2021 Premier Firearms Auction.

Selling your Colt Python

How much can you get for a Colt Python? As yet another example of a comparatively older gun that has seen explosive growth in value over the past few years, it’s not surprising to see why gun collectors love the clean and polished look that a Colt Python offers, and why they’re selling so well on the current auction scene.

This-early-first-year-production-Colt-Python-double-action-revolverThis early first year production Colt Python double action revolver sold for $25,875, more than twice its high estimate, in Rock Island Auction Company’s in June, 2020 Premier Firearms Auction.

While all Colt Pythons have seen a rise in value, the early production models, fine condition pieces, and special custom Pythons command an even higher price. For a prospective seller looking to find the maximum value for their Colt Python, Rock Island Auction has an impressive track record.

Matched-set-of-Colt-Python-Snake-Eyes-double-action-revolversThis beautiful matched set of Colt Python Snake Eyes double action revolvers exceeded its high estimate and sold for $21,850 in Rock Island Auction Company’s May, 2021 Premier Firearms Auction.

Where can you find the value of old guns?

Rock Island Auction Company operates primarily on consignment, when an owner pays a seller to find a buyer. Your guns are inspected by our experienced team of experts who evaluate thousands of guns each years. The value of older guns is based on factors such as model, condition, finish, grips, engravings, serial number range, boxes, letters, and so on.

Sometimes this can be done with a simple phone call, while other items may require a visual review. If you are located near us, you can always set up an appointment to bring in your items.  If not, we can often begin the review with a few photos, or even arrange a visit if your collection is more extensive.

Once you consign with Rock Island Auction Company, your guns are shipped to our state of the art facility, inventoried, photographed, marketed, and sold in one of our industry leading firearms auctions. Checks are sent out 35 calendar days after the completion of the sale. Getting cash for your guns couldn't be easier with Rock Island Auction company!

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