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May 27, 2021

What Gun Shortage? Find all the guns you need this summer

By Joe Engesser

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2020 saw the hottest gun market on record in the United States. The National Shooting Sports Foundation reported a record 60% growth in firearm purchases from 2019 to 2020, shattering previous figures. Following a year with a serious pandemic, months of civil unrest, and a turbulent presidential election, it’s no surprise that guns and ammo are difficult to find in some places, and demand continues to outpace production and supply as millions of first-time buyers are choosing to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

Over 5,500 guns are available during Rock Island Auction Company’s June 10th– 12th Sporting & Collector Auction.

With so many shelves bare, and stores around the country unable to keep up with the surge in demand for arms and ammunition, consumers are asking where is the best place to find guns right now? Rock Island Auction Company’s June 10th - 12th Sporting & Collector Firearms Auction has over 5,500 guns for sale in a jam-packed three-day extravaganza.

Rock Island Auction Company sells plenty of guns and ammo

Whether you’re a seasoned gun collector or a first-time buyer, Rock Island Auction Company can help you beat the firearms shortage and find your perfect gun. The June Sporting & Collector’s Auction is stocked with thousands of affordable antiques, classic sporting and hunting guns, revolvers, pistols, military rifles, and more. There's something for everyone, so let’s take a look at some of the featured firearms you can bid on to upgrade your arsenal.


Heavy Firepower

Semi-automatic rifles have been in especially high demand lately, with the new administration pressing for more gun regulations and the Supreme Court set to hear a landmark Second Amendment case. Rock Island Auction Company’s June Sporting & Collector’s sale includes hundreds of classic semi-automatic rifles in stock, from M1 Garands to SKSs to British guns like this high condition Historic Arms Bren MK II.

Dozens of iconic battle rifles are up for sale this June.

Many battlefield rifles are still widely used for target shooting and hunting, and they’re also great collector’s items like the Johnson Automatics Model 1941, the scarce U.S. Irwin Pedersen M1, and the sought-after World War II Walther G43. June’s auction even includes some fantastic reproductions like this Browning Model 1919A4 semi-automatic rifle. You’ll find no empty shelves here at Rock Island Auction Company.

Semi-automatic reproduction of the famous Browning 1919, in great working order.


At the onset of the pandemic, one of the factors driving the surge of first-time gun buyers was the desire for home defense. Shotguns are reasonably easy to use and often serve as a general-purpose firearm, so it’s no surprise that classics like the Winchester Model 97 and Browning Auto-5 are still in high demand. The Humpback is smooth, durable, and a reliable hunting gun, and like many of the shotguns up for auction this June, they can be found at an attainable price point.

No gun shortage here! Four Browning A5 semi-automatic shotguns in a single lot.

More extravagant options are offered as well, such as this gold inlaid Winchester Model 12, another candidate for the most popular smoothbore of all time, and a rare engraved Holland & Holland 12 Bore Nitro Magnum Paradox. So whether you’re shopping for a perfect display piece or a reliable bird gun, Rock Island Auction Company has the best shotgun selection around.

Holland & Holland 12 Bore Nitro Magnum “Royal” double-barrel hand detachable sidelock ejector Paradox shot & ball gun


Millions of Americans used their stimulus checks toward gun purchases, according to Forbes, and semiautomatic pistols have topped the list when it comes to self-defense. The spike in gun demand has impacted the market for semi-automatic pistols dramatically, but the good news is Rock Island Auction Company has a wide variety of handguns up for sale this June, including numerous examples of the legendary M1911.

An instant collection. Six matching WW commemorative Colt 1911/1911A1 Pistols.

The most popular pistol in America for the better part of the twentieth century, the M1911 is as reliable as it is customizable, like this pair of Remington-Rand Model National Match style 1911A1s. There’s a 1911 variant for almost anyone, and June’s auction has dozens of M1911 pistols to choose from, including numerous options for entry level collectors.

Five semi-automatic European pistols. Another quick answer to the gun shortage problem.

John Browning’s legendary pistol isn’t the only semiautomatic handgun in abundance at Rock Island Auction Company’s June 10th - 12th Sporting & Collectors event. The auction includes a variety of European pistols like the J.P. Sauer & Sohn Model 1913, some unique designs like the Whitney Wolverine, and collector mainstays like the Luger, often called the most famous pistol in modern warfare.

The iconic Luger is featured in nearly every WWII Hollywood film.


Consumers are buying a variety of guns right now, including the dependable revolver, which offers another great option for personal protection. As local gun stores struggle to fill their empty shelves, Rock Island Auction Company’s June event offers hundreds of revolvers in every variation imaginable.

Two 3rd gen Colt SAAs, a modern spin on Colt’s most famous revolver.

From modern revolvers to early black powder sixguns like this Colt Frontier, our Sporting & Collector auction features numerous options, including entry level collector models and even high-end historic pieces like this desirable Colt “pinched frame” style SAA.

Engraved cased pair of Colt 1849 Pocket Percussion revolvers.

When it comes to six-shooters, it goes without saying that two guns are better than one. The June auction does even better by featuring numerous lots with three, four, and even five quality revolvers in a single package. With bidding options like three Colt New Lines, four Smith & Wessons, and five British Webley DAs, your gun shortage problems are long gone.

Another instant collection. With five Colt DA revolvers, what more could you need?

Another common phrase we use around here is that “gold is good”, and if you’re in the market for more extravagant collector pieces, look no further than some of the engraved revolvers featured in June’s auction, like this L.D. Nimschke Colt Cloverleaf House Model Revolver, and this engraved silver and gold plated Smith & Wesson No. 3 Second Model American revolver. Gold and silver just go together when it comes to six-shooters, a flair of luxury that some of the Old West's most famous gunslingers also enjoyed.

Antique and Classic Rifles

Speaking of collector pieces, Rock Island Auction Company’s June 10th - 12th Sporting & Collector Firearms Auction has no shortage of historic firearms to choose from. Some highlights include this Winchester Flatside First Model 1866 and a Volcanic Repeating Arms Company lever action pistol-carbine, but the clear standout has to be this engraved New Haven Arms Co. Henry lever action rifle.

New Haven Arms Company Henry Lever Action Rifle, an attractive and valuable antique.

With a serial number dating to 1865, this lavishly engraved Henry rifle could easily be a featured gun at one of our Premier Firearms Auctions. Other interesting antiques to look for is this Winchester 1873, a rare Colt 1883 Burgess, and this factory engraved Marlin Co. 1893 Takedown rifle.

Three Remington Bolt Action Rifles ready to go.

Bolt action rifles are also featured in abundance this June, with a couple of high condition Springfields offered here, and Remington rifles listed in all price ranges. As with classic shotguns, many early and mid 20th century rifles are still widely used by sportsmen and target shooters across the globe, and Rock Island Auction Company makes searching and bidding on your favorites a breeze.

The best place to find guns this summer

With increased firearm sales through the roof, finding a store with guns on the shelves can be a challenge. Instead of spending hours on the phone and endless online searches asking ‘where can I find guns in stock?’, why not consider the ease and excitement of a firearms auction instead?

Preview Day for Rock Island Auction Company's Sporting & Collector Auction is June 9th.

Rock Island Auction Company offers in person bidding for our Premier Auctions and Sporting & Collector Auctions, as well as live bidding by phone and multiple online options. And if if you're busy that weekend, no problem! You can place a sealed bid on your favorite gun by email, fax, snail mail, website submission — anything but smoke signals and we’ll take it!

Check out our frequent Arms & Ammunition auctions as well for a solution to the ammo shortage.

We’ve got the supply, you’ve got the demand. Rock Island Auction Company caters to every level of collecting, and we’re adding new sales all the time. Our Sporting & Collector sales are geared toward the everyday gun collector, and if you can’t find the right gun during our June 10th-12th event or you’re just looking to further add to your arsenal, check out one of our Arms & Ammunition auctions, a comparatively new format from Rock Island Auction Company that has skyrocketed in popularity. These frequent auctions feature hundreds of guns and a plentitude of ammunition, which continues to be in short supply.

As always, if there are any questions regarding consignment, registration, or future auctions, please contact Rock Island Auction Company today. Our upcoming auction schedule is updated frequently on our website, so be sure to go through the listing and start making your plans to visit. All our events adhere to the latest COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions. We can’t wait to see you here!

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