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February 3, 2022

True Gun Value

By Joe Engesser

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What's the true value of your guns? Rock Island Auction Company gets sellers the best gun prices in the business, and the sales results posted after each auction provide a comprehensive guide for estimating your highest possible gun values.

The true gun value of the M1911 pistol at Rock Island Auction Company since 2014. The examples analyzed were manufactured by Colt, Remington-UMC, Remington Rand, and Springfield Armory and consist of condition ranges of 2 to 7.

Gun prices are influenced by many factors, but where you choose to sell your gun can have the greatest impact of all. Let’s compare Rock Island Auction Company’s recent gun values to Gunbroker prices and other recent prices found at two additional online gun stores and find out who gets you the most cash for your guns.

The true gun value of class III machine guns like the M60 have seen an impressive rise at Rock Island Auction Company.

For Rock Island Auction Company, the average price realized on all lots from the most recent Sporting and Collector Auctions were used to calculate the numbers provided below, minus extremely rare examples and multi-gun lots that would skew the dataset. These figures estimate the final amount of cash a gun seller receives, so even after factoring in Rock Island Auction Company’s commission rate, as the numbers in the next three sections have considered, RIAC still gets you more money for your guns by an impressive margin.

How Much Can You Get for a Winchester Rifle?

Old guns are in greater demand than ever, and the reasons are as varied as the firearms genre itself. As the number one firearms auction house in the world since 2003, Rock Island Auction Company has attracted a substantial pool of serious gun collectors looking to buy classic arms like the Winchester 1894 lever action rifle.

The average cash value a seller can make on a Winchester Model 1894 lever action rifle at Rock Island Auction Company versus three popular online gun sellers.

As the first commercial American repeating rifle developed for smokeless powder, the Model 1894 is a truly historic shoulder arm. Antique and vintage rifles command the highest prices, particularly pre-1964 dated Winchester Model 1894 rifles, and the high resolution photos and detailed descriptions provided by Rock Island Auction Company’s online catalog allows potential buyers to examine each gun remotely and feel more confident in its value.

The extensive photography and expert descriptions found in RIAC’s online catalogs help buyers determine the history, condition, factory letter, and provenance of a firearm.

How Much Can You Get for a Colt Revolver?

The difference in gun values when selling a classic revolver like the Colt Python with Rock Island Auction Company versus the competition is even more apparent. Once again, these figures omit multi-gun lots and extraordinarily collectible outlier guns from the dataset, as well as factoring in RIAC’s consignment rate, and when it’s all said and done Rock Island Auction Company still comes out on top by an impressive margin.

The average cash potential when selling a Colt Python revolver with Rock Island Auction Company versus three online firearm sellers.

Introduced in 1955, the Colt Python was designed as a premium revolver that could compete with the finest double actions available. Desired for their quality, craftsmanship, and classic Colt “Royal Blue” finish, vintage Colt Pythons are experiencing a continued surge in interest, including attention from a new generation of arms enthusiast who became familiar with the Python through popular media like The Walking Dead and True Detective.

RIAC gets superior prices for its sellers by putting sought-after guns like the Colt Python in front of an enthusiastic audience of collectors.

Colt Python 2021 prices shattered records, and that trend shows no signs of abating. Today’s buyers are more bullish on snake guns than ever before, and the Colt Python's appeal draws in multiple generations of shooters and gun collectors who grew up desiring a Python of their own. Colt Python prices and values are reflective of not just rarity but manufacturing quality, the perfect combination of history, mechanics, and beauty in the function.

The average Colt Python price at Rock Island Auction Company since 2014, including buyer's premium.

How Much Can You Get for a Springfield 1903 Rifle?

Classic bolt action rifles like the M1903 Springfield are a timeless favorite with gun collectors and shooters alike. A truly historic shoulder arm, the recent values that the M1903 Springfield rifle has achieved with Rock Island Auction Company is another strong testament to what a gun seller can attain by consigning with the industry leader in collector-grade arms.

Looking at the numbers in a head-to-head comparison with three online gun sellers, the M1903 Springfield commands the highest prices at Rock Island Auction Company.

The versatile M1903 rifle served the U.S. military for over six decades, being offered in numerous variants and configurations. Its reliability, accuracy, and durability make it one of the most appealing collector guns out there, in addition to the prestige of owning an American military rifle with a story to tell and a legacy to share.

Even the chance to own an iconic rifle like the M1903 Springfield seems to have spurred a persistent growth in the genre that continues to trend upward.

Finding Your True Gun Value with Rock Island Auction Company's Online Catalogs

Rock Island Auction Company's detailed auction catalogs are a fantastic tool for quickly looking up the potential value of your guns. And unlike many gun pricing guides, RIAC’s catalogs are free and don’t require any sort of sign-up or commitment. They’re easy to use, offer numerous sorting and browsing filters, and provide an up-to-date online resource for gun sellers looking for initial price estimates and gun appraisals.

Rock Island Auction Company's past and upcoming auction catalogs give gun sellers an accurate estimate of how much cash they can get for their firearms by consigning with the world’s number one gun auction.

The past sales data available through the RIAC catalogs is a great way to document trends in the gun market, large and small. Knowing when to sell your used or inherited guns is just as important as choosing the best gun seller, and the current market has seen gun prices going up across the board. Even the humble Mosin Nagant, once an afterthought in gun collecting, has been experiencing a renaissance of late. The market has truly been experiencing a renaissance across the board.

Classics like the Belgian Browning Hi Power pistol have been rising in value, and Rock Island Auction Company’s auction catalogs can be used as a convenient gun price guide to follow those trends.

Estimating your True Gun Value with RIAC's Upcoming Catalogs

Upcoming gun catalogs are another useful guide for estimating a gun’s value potential with Rock Island Auction Company. For future auctions, the gun price estimates are based on an in-depth analysis of the most recent auction sales data, and that expert research can provide one of the most accurate appraisal tools available when it comes to predicting forthcoming sales trends.

Honest, thorough descriptions by RIAC’s team of in-house specialists translates to more trusting, informed, and confident potential gun buyers.

Variables like condition, scarcity, and firearms history are also taken into account when determining the true gun value estimate at RIAC, and the high level of detail and scholarship provided by each firearm description creates the most compressive and accurate online catalog in the collectible arms industry. At Rock Island Auction Company, over 40,000 guns a year are described and evaluated, offering an unrivaled level of expertise.

A constant stream of new collectors bidding with Rock Island Auction Company results in higher gun values for almost every genre.

Rock Island Auction Company's Free Gun Catalogs

Another advantage of Rock Island Auction Company’s free gun catalogs are their ability to be personalized, downloaded, and printed or viewed from any popular device and digital eReader. All the sorting and browsing filters of the RIAC searchable website catalogs are included in the downloadable PDF version, allowing any firearm seller to create a printable guide to gun values that’s as specific or open-ended as they see fit.

No subscription fees, no hidden charges. Rock Island Auction Company’s digital gun catalogs are absolutely free.

Log in with your Rock Island Auction Company account and start customizing. Creating a new account is free and only requires an email address, and an account is only needed to access the downloadable feature of the catalogs. The extensive number of filters offered helps narrow the search results by product type, manufacturer, caliber, era, and individual keywords, allowing users to start comparing specific gun values in seconds.

World's Leading Gun Auction Company

Long gone are the days when a gun seller needs to consider low-quality offers from pawn shops. At Rock Island Auction Company, we utilize online and phone bidding, live-streamed auctions, and email options for sealed bidding to allow almost anyone in the world to safely and confidentially bid on rare guns. This gives firearm sellers the widest reach in the industry and translates to true gun values.

The true gun value of a post WW2 Winchester Model 21 Skeet shotgun in 12 gauge at Rock Island Auction Company since 2016 has seen a notable increase, especially in 2021 and 2022.

Whether it's Wild West six-shooters, vintage shotguns, or American and German military rifles from the two world wars, the value of nearly all gun genres are climbing every year. Rock Island Auction Company’s gun catalogs serve as both a valuable reference source and a key driver of growth in the collectible firearms industry, and they make it easier than ever to stay ahead of the game when it comes to appraising and selling your guns.

The values of pinnacle collector guns have been experiencing the same uptrend in recent years.

True Gun Value at Rock Island Auction Company

Most vintage firearms are viewed as a great store of value in the gun collecting community, and when it comes to predicting forthcoming sales trends, Rock Island Auction’s free gun catalogs are one of the finest tools around.

The average SVT-40 value at Rock Island Auction Company since 2018. Super collectible examples have been struck from the dataset. The 2022 SVT-40 price is based on the average to date.

Judging by the true gun value data presented above, the demand for vintage guns has only increased over the years, and gun values in 2023 are likely to continue to reflect this ever-expanding interest in rare firearm models. Whether you’re a greenhorn looking to break into the gentleman’s pursuit, or a seasoned collector thinking about investment potential, the market for classic guns is hotter than ever.

From the full auto machine gun to affordable vintage military rifles like the famed Mosin Nagant, the true gun value of a variety of genres has been on the rise at Rock Island Auction Company.

It’s an exciting time in the world of fine arms collecting, so subscribe to the weekly Rock Island Auction newsletter to receive new gun blogs on the latest prices and trends. We look at the values of popular guns like the M1 Garand, the 1911 pistol, and more.

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